Employee Benefits Solutions

  •   Top-talent employee retention is key in determining comprehensive benefit plans. We know that Health Insurance premiums have and will continue to rise. With the rise of premiums, we have found solutions through the self-insured programs with A+ rated carriers. Utilizing a Self-insured program, we can diminish these high premiums while still giving you and your employees the protection needed. Self-insured programs are very simple to use but as the name may suggest you are not truly self-insuring your health coverage, there is still stop losses to protect you from high out of pocket expenses. Within these programs you also have the extra benefit of sharing in the excess claims benefit by having the carrier return a portion of the unused claim pool back to you, the employer.  

Case Example: 

      - 10 Employee Specialty Contractor had a renewal with a 32.70% increase in premium. Moving them to the Self-Insured Program within the same carrier we were able to reduce the premium by $23,000 and still offer the same coverages as their previous policy.